2023.01.01 Recap of 2022

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Tornado cleanup in Arabi, LA - 2022.03.22A tornado ripped through a neighbouring town early in the year.   We were spared the brunt of it.  Mostly it threw our garbage cans around.  Arabi, just to the east of us, was hit pretty bad. One person was killed.

Goodbye ColumbusWe bought the Columbus on May 9, 2022.  We thought we wanted a new one.  We lived in the Columbus for a few weeks.  Then we decided to remodel our Landmark and move back in.  So we were selling our Columbus. Ours wasn't the only RV for sale in the park so we had a hard time selling it.

Our fiftieth wedding anniversaryThis year we celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary.  This love story started in Montreal North.  I lived on L'Hotel de Ville and D'Arcy lived on Gouin Boulevard. D'Arcy went to my house and asked my mother "can I marry Carol" and mom said "come back in ten years".  Mom said "son of a gun, he did"  D'Arcy proposed to me at Café de la Gare at Place Ville Marie in Montreal. On May 13, 1972 we tied the knot.  This morning we woke up and it did not feel any different except this lovely couple was married for fifty years today and we would not have it any other way. Yes, we still love each other.

D'Arcy, Melissa, Evan and Carol at Melissa and Evan's wedding 2022.10.01We left our campsite at Wildwood Golf and RV Resort with our RV to celebrate a special occasion.  My niece Melissa is marrying her sweetheart Evan at Cadsbrook Farms in Westmeath, Ontario.  We had a wonderful trip.  We went to the Holiday Inn in Pembroke where a shuttle bus picked us up to bring us all to the wedding.  We left our Ram 3500 there under the protection of a sea gull who took up residence on the roof.  We had an enjoyable supper and then we danced. D'Arcy even got up and sang a song which everyone liked.  The song was "I Saw Her Standing There".  He did it a cappella.

Outside the Box Release Party - Chris, Fabio, Mike, Jeremy, Gram and D'ArcyIn October we headed to Mike Nagoda's CD release party for "Outside the Box" in Toronto.  The CD was actually released in January but had to be cancelled until then because of the pandemic.  D'Arcy played bass on the album and wrote many of the bass lines.  I am so proud of D'Arcy.  Mike had asked D'Arcy to play bass on two songs at the party, "We Gotta Party" from the new album and "Path Of Needles" from "Parliament", the first album.

Heartland Factory Tour - 2022.11.02Then it was time to head south.  We took a long trip this time.  Our first stop was in Shipsewana, IN to have the cooling unit on our fridge replaced with a modern one.  The new unit is great except that they did not properly hook up the pipe to our water dispenser and it leaked water all  over our floor.  D'Arcy fixed it and it is fine now.  We also took a tour of the Heartland factory where our 2010 Landmark was built.  While there we had their service department check our furnace which was blowing fuses.  They found the problem and fixed it.  This has been an ongoing problem for years.  We took a picture of the three great looking dudes that helped us.

Trophy spouses Peter, Carol, Chris and D'Arcy - 2023.11.26What a way to celebrate our trip though Arizona then to visit D'Arcy's sister Agnes and Chris.  We also visited my sister Norma and Peter.  Agnes and Chris now live in Anthem, AZ.  Norma and Peter live in Calgary, AB and winter in Buckeye, AZ.  While we were there, both couples put on a "Rib Fest" which we got to judge.  We declared a tie.

After that we headed to New Orleans where we spent the rest of the winter.