2022.01.14 Outside the Box Released

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Mike Nagoda's album "Outside the Box" was released today.  D'Arcy played bass and wrote some of the bass lines for it.

We dropped off copies of the album to a few radio stations in New Orleans.  Hopefully they will give it some play down here.  In Canada it got enough play to make it to #5 on the Roots Music Report.

Mike Nagoda had to overcome cerebral palsy in order to play like he does.  He learned a technique called "double slide" which he learned from Brian Cober.  Brian was a friend of ours who ran a jam at Grossmans in Toronto which D'Arcy and I used to attend.

They cancelled the release party due to the pandemic and will have it at a later date.  We hope to attend when we get back to Canada in May.

Great work guys.

Outside the Box

The making of "Outside the Box".