2021.01.01 Recap of 2020

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D'Arcy on stage at BMC, NOLA
At the start of 2020 we were still in New Orleans. We enjoyed Mardi Gras and D'Arcy played at a lot of bars until the pandemic hit the Big Easy like a ton of bricks. In mid March the entire city was locked down. Bars were closed and even boarded up. We mostly stayed in our trailer for the rest of our snowbirding season and returned to Canada on May 1.

Carol looking for extra cash on her birthday
I celebrated my seventieth birthday in our trailer because New Orleans was closed down. It's a tradition in New Orleans to pin money to yourself on your birthday and strangers will stop and add to it.

Carol having fun on Family Fun Day
Once back in Canada we moved to our new camp ground in Kingsville, ON. There were a few events there and we ate out once in a while but mostly we simply stayed in our trailer.

Parking at our new home in Wildwood Golf and RV Resort
At the end of the summer we moved our trailer to yet another new camp ground called Wildwood Golf and RV Resort. That's where we will be staying next summer. We returned our truck to the leasing company as we didn't have any use for it for at least a year. We will see what happens next winter.

Carol waiting to board the plane
Since we were unable to enter the US this year we decided to spend the winter in the Dominican Republic. This is a tropical paradise and the people are so nice. We booked a flight with West Jet and then they cancelled on us and to top it off they would not give us our money back. D'Arcy got our money back by calling Master Card. So we called United Airlines which sold us a flight with a twelve hour layover in Newark, NJ where we slept in a quiet hotel called Home 2. Then woke up early to get a driver to take us to the airport for an 8:30 flight on United Airlines to Puerta Plata.

Coverd path - El Magnifico
After a long trip we finally got here and loving it. We stayed in a great condo hotel called El Magnifico. We had fun exploring the Dominican. We rented a car and enjoyed the scenery. We tried different restaurants on the beach as many times as we could.

The Atlantic
One day D'Arcy decided to go snorkelling in the Atlantic Ocean. There were a lot of waves and he lost the snorkel he brought but he held on to the goggles. So the snorkel is on it's way to somewhere in the Atlantic. We often walked in the ocean. D'Arcy does 15 laps in the pool.

D'Arcy at Voyvoy
D'Arcy and I found this nice little bar here in the Dominican Republic called Voyvoy that holds a great music jam every Sunday run by this handsome gentleman named Lester. We go by the beach and we have a terrific supper there.

Santa and Indie
D'Arcy played Santa Clause for a 9 year old and her friend. That was fun. Santa read her letter which he happened to have on him and checked his naughty and nice list on his Android.

Death to 2020
As fun as it was, Covid did make things tough. Most of us survived it but some didn't. I hope 2021 is much better.