2020.09.20 Breakfast with Kathy

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We found a cozy and colorful little breakfast spot called "Beach House Grill" where we go for breakfast every Sunday while we are still in Kingsville.

This Sunday we had a guest for breakfast. Her name is Kathy Troiana of the OCC. OCC stands for Ontario Confederation of Clubs. Kathy brought us some tomatoes from her garden.

D'Arcy knew her but it was my first time meeting her. Kathy is very nice. We enjoyed our breakfast.

The conversation was whether to go to Cuba or the Dominican Republic. She told us all about Cuba where she has been. She will get a friend who lives there to help us.

For the Dominican Republic you need more papers plus your passport to be there for six months.

We will make arrangements for Kathy to come to our RV and D'Arcy will make scrambled eggs for all three of us before we leave.

Carol, D'Arcy and Kathy

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