2022.01.22 Our Old Country Place

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My brother Alan phoned to tell me the good news that he found the country house my father and mother built in St. Sophie when we were kids.  It was showing it's age but still there where we left it many years ago.

1626 Gibson St., St. Sophie

I remember parking the car every weekend and going to enjoy ourselves at our country place.  Alan said our neighbors The Charbonneau's that used to live just opposite us are still there. The Gibsons are there.  Somone is living in our house.

Dad you sure built our house well. He also started building another house which is still there. I also got some pictures of the old house.

I remember spending so many great weekends there.

The Cotes in 1961 at their summer home

It just goes to show you when you build them good, Mom and Dad, they are there for good.