2019.10.15 Our Trip to Montreal

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We arrived at BGM with our home on wheels on the 13th and stayed overnight until the 15th. After discussing the work with Brian we left for Montreal. We checked into L'Appartement Hôtel in downtown Montreal near McGill University. Montreal was the place D'Arcy and I were born, met, dated, fell in love, and got married.

When we got to the Hotel they put us on the fifth floor then they moved us to the fifteenth floor with a terrific view of Mount Royal.

We ate a buffet breakfast in the hotel every morning. Then we would walk around downtown. We walked to Montreal Central Station where D'Arcy and I met when I was heading to a movie with my friend Ida. We went to a restaurant in Montreal Central Station called Café de la Gare but now it is called Business Depot.

On Thursday we went out with my brother Alan and his girlfriend Joanne to one of their favorite restaurants, Wing Phat on Jarry. And what is dinner without a fine dessert so we went to Rockaberry where they served up huge pieces of cake and we washed it down with tea and coffee. The following Thursday we had supper with Alan again this time at Cage au Sportif on Cote Vertu.

Joanne, Alan, Carol and D'Arcy

Friday night we went to a bar called Le Maizonneuve on St. Catherine East so D'Arcy could do some jamming. D'Arcy brought his bass and his guitar. Everyone just loved him and he received plenty of applause from the audience which makes anyone who plays music feel good. We returned there the following Friday this time there were three bass players so D'Arcy played his guitar and sang. The audience just loved it.

On the first Saturday we went to meet D'Arcy's cousin Timothy Glover and his friends David and Rick at Chalet BBQ on Sherbrooke. As we were early we walked up to the top of Mount Royal to see a better view of Montreal then we went to see Beaver Lake or Lac aux Castors.

D'Arcy, David, Carol, Tim and Rick

Next Saturday we went to Old Montreal where I took a picture of D'Arcy in the doorway of Robert Reford where he used to work. D'Arcy took pictures of a horse and buggy.

On Sunday we went to an open mike at Brutopia on Crescent Street.

Yesterday October 28,2019 our last day in Montreal we decided to treat ourselves to a wonderful supper at Zibo! on Boulevard Robert Bourassa.

We enjoyed ourselves a lot in Montreal.

Carol on Mount Royal

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