2021.06.21 Our Second Covid Vaccination

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We finally got our second Covid 19 vaccination in at Shopper's Drug Mart in Essex.  Like the first on it was the Pfizer one.

It was a real disaster we had to go in shoppers to get a sheet fill it in then we went to give the sheet in and we were told to go stand in line again.  Then we were told to line up outside they will call us. There was to many people in the store.

Then there was a line up inside people were complaining.  There was only three chairs for people who needed them. We finally saw the medical worker who gave us the vaccine.

It took us less time to get the shot then the waiting time. Then we had to walk around shopper's for 15 minutes before going up to get our papers.

The good news is we finally got our second vaccine.

Carol gets her second dose

More pictures.