2023.09.10 Friendship is a Good Thing

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I remember being friends with Karen Goucher since we used to live in Montreal North.  I lived on Hotel de Viile and Karen lived on the next street which was Garon.  By coincidence D'Arcy, my husband of fifty-one years, lived on Gouin Blvd. so we all were walking distance from one another. Now Karen is married to a great guy named Herb.

I remember Karen and I going for walks with my transistor radio to listening to music.

Karen lives in Furry Creek, BC now and we live in McGregor, ON, just south of Windsor which is just south of Detroit.  She came to Toronto in 2013 for a quick visit. D'Arcy and I went to see her at the Sheraton Hotel and I took some pictures.

These days we are still friends and we email or text.

It it always nice to have good friends.

Carol and Karen - Toronto, 2013-02-19

More pictures.