2021.03.27 Carol turns Seventy One

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For my birthday D'Arcy arranged a Zoom birthday party with the help of his sister Monica. This year I celebrated my birthday in Pickering.

Thank you everyone for spending the time with me. Beside the Cains, my handsome brother Robert and his lovely wife Laura my lovely sister Norma and good looking Peter plus friends were at my Zoom party. We had people from the west coast, Northern Ontario and even New Orleans.

I also received emails from people that could not make it. Karen Goucher said in her email that she can not be with us but she has a lot of good memories of us. We used to hang out together a lot.

After the Zoom Party D'Arcy took me out for supper at a restaurant called "The Works" where we both enjoyed a juicy hamburger. D'Arcy also bought me a new computer. It didn't work with my system so we returned it and D'Arcy spent almost as much on repairing my old one.

It was one amazing day. Thanks everyone for making this day perfect.

More pictures.