2019.09.04 D'Arcy's Sixty-Ninth Birthday

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We went out to Montana's to celebrate D'Arcy's sixty-ninth birthday.

We had a glass of red wine, steak, baked potato, baked beans and for dessert we had apple crumble while D'Arcy was honored with a great set of antlers while three girls were singing.

While D'Arcy still had the moose antlers on his head he asked me "do you think I use too much moose?"

On Sunday September 8th there was a birthday party at our campsite for the birthday boy with a birthday cake, music and great friends.

This year my brother Robert and his lovely wife Laura and their dog Ella joined us. We always enjoy seeing them.

There was music on the keyboard from a six year old named Grayson and a sixty-nine year old named D'Arcy who also played his guitar and his harp.

Some people left early so that meant more pizza and birthday cake for us. At that point it was getting cooler so we went inside our RV which we call home and had pizza and birthday cake.

Sylvie dropped by with some fresh tomatoes from her garden and took some cake home for her and René.

Then we all said our good byes. Thank you all for coming.

Do I have too much moose in my hair?

More pictures.