2022.08.25 Dinner with Good Friends

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We left our campsite at around a quarter to two and headed out for Traylor Parker's Real Texas BBQ at Charing Cross  near Chatham.  We met some great friends that we knew while we were living in Toronto.  D'Arcy played music with Jeremy Ronson and Mike Nagoda.  Mike put out a CD on which D'Arcy played Bass and Jeremy played drums.  D'Arcy also played on his first CD, Parliament.  Mike's partner Nicole was also there.

We had a great time.  The food was great and so was the conversation.

Mike is having a CD release party for his latest CD, Outside the Box,  at the end of October and invited D'Arcy and me to come join in the party.  D'Arcy will play some bass.

Then we all called it a day and we all headed out. Next time we will try the brisket

Carol, D'Arcy, Nicole, Mike and Jeremy at Traylor Parker's Real Texas BBQ

More pictures.