2020.07.17 Kingsville Opens Up

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Today, we decided to go grocery shopping but, before that it was the first time Main Street opened since Coronavirus started back in March while we were in New Orleans. They closed Main Street to traffic. All the restaurants along Main Street were serving delicious meals on tables outside.

We ate at The Main Grill and Ale House. I had Maple Chicken and D'Arcy had Devil's Pot and we each had a beer.

Since I did not have my camera, D'Arcy took some pictures with his phone then others took our picture. A woman from the restaurant asked us if she could take our picture for their web site and we said yes.

Then off to do our groceries at Zehrs.

Finishing off the evening with Ice Cream, Rum and Coke while we watched TV then bed.

Always trying to stay safe I hope you are too.

Carol and D'Arcy on Main Stree, Kingsville

More pictures.