2023.07.21 The Cain Gang Rides Again

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On Tuerday while leaving the Dominion House where D'Arcy was jamming, Amanda, who books the musical acts at The Springwell, asked D'Arcy if he would like a gig there.  Of course D'Arcy said "yes".  He was waiting for a date when Amanda contacted him on Thursday because there was a last minute cancellation for the next day, Friday.  D'Arcy found someone to partner with and accepted the gig.  Since his pickup band is The Cain Gang he billed the duo of Jimmy G and himself that way.

D'Arcy and Jimmy played from 6 till 9.  They were very well received.  In fact, D'Arcy handed out some cards and someone in the audience called and left a message about how much they enjoyed the show.  I am glad for D'Arcy because that's what he loves to do. It was so nice meeting Jimmy G.

Our night was not finished.  After the gig we went to La Rocca to see Crowbar Hotel where D'Arcy played bass for a while.

Then back to our RV at Wildwood after a long and great day.

Jimmy G and D'Arcy at the Springwell July 21 2023

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