2022.09.04 D'Arcy Turns 72

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Wow!  D'Arcy got up a day older then the day before.  He finally caught up to me. We worked in the Landmark RV cleaning up a bit . We received a call from Robert and Laura.

I got D'Arcy a jig saw and we went out to Lone Star Texas Grill in Windsor. We tried a Caesar and for dinner D'Arcy had chicken chimichanga and I had Chicken Enchiladas. Some of the servers came to wish D'Arcy a happy birthday.  I guess they felt sorry there was no cake so they put a candle in a round piece of tortilla dough.

Then a girl that work there came over to our table to ask if she can take a picture of D'Arcy and I.

After that we went home to our RV to have some hot chocolate and some ice cream while watching TV then called it a night.

Sorry Monica there was no funny hat.  Monica called before we left and said there was a funny hat and could she have the picture.

All and all we had a great night and now we are both 72 years old.  D'Arcy can't tell everyone I'm older now.

Celebrating D'Arcy's  72nd birthday

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