2021.10.05 Kathy's Visit

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A good friend of ours, Kathy, joined us this morning for a delicious hearty breakfast at the 19th Hole Restaurant. We met Kathy tough OCC which stands for Ontario Confederation of Clubs. I check their page every morning because D'Arcy manages the OCC website.

After breakfast Kathy visited our RV for the first time. We gave her the tour of outside and inside which was not long, and Kathy even had her own parking lot, because the bus which was in front of our RV drove away for the winter the day before.

We had a good visit then we took pictures. We said our goodbyes and Kathy said she will try to come once more before we leave on October 31st when the campground closes. We will be back next summer.

Carol, Kathy and D'Arcy

More pictures.