2021.06.23 The World Through New Eyes

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Thanks to  Kara Jones where we first got our eyes checked and sent us to Dr. Robin M. Dean for Cataracts both D'Arcy and I have had surgery to improve our eyesight.  D'Arcy had his right eye done on May 26 and I had my left done.  Today we had our other eye done.

I was a little nervous because they do not put you to sleep. They give you a needle in the arm.  some anaesthesia and some numbing drops.  We both did not feel anything. Both our eye surgery's went great.

I won't have to wear glasses to see distance, only glasses to read. D'Arcy may need both.  We will find out for sure in a month.

A Quote from D'Arcy "they usually do one eye at a time but they did two for us".  Of course it was on two different people.

We have been putting drops in our eyes for a month and have to continue for the other eye for another.  What fun!

At their suggestion we poked out the lens of the eye they worked on. I now have some cheap sun glasses for when we go for our walks.

They also suggest that we sleep with a shield on so we do not rub the eye that they worked on.

We have to see Dr. Kara Jones  afterwards on June 30th because that is where we got our eyes checked first and Dr.Kara Jones sent us to Dr. Dean for Cataract Surgery.  And may we say Dr. Dean and his staff do a very good job.  We saw Dr. Kara Jones in Kingsville but now she has moved to Essex which we did as well so it works out.  We aren't sure who is stalking who.

We are both amazed that the world is so bright.

Carol has no more use for her glasses

More pictures.