2019.06.13 An Day with Po and Joe

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Today D'Arcy and I visited our dear friends Po and Joe at Recreationland in Cumberland., the place where we bought our RV and camped their for the first year of our snowbirding.

We keep in touch with each other though email and my journals. They also came to spend a month with us in the same RV park in Chalmette which was fun.

We enjoyed some wine and a plate of little treats. Along with some conversation.

We walked though our old campground at Recreationland and saw a few people we knew like Martine doing a great job at sitting on a tractor cutting the grass, Terry and others.

We had more conversations, then D'Arcy taught Po more about her computer.

We were getting hungry so we took our two trucks to A&W then we ended our nice visit.

Carol, D'Arcy, Po and Joe

More pictures.