2022.06.19 2 Creeks Music Festival

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Before I start  this journal I would like to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day who is a father.

Since we came back to Canada from New Orleans this is our second Musical Festival we attended,.  The first one was McGregor Music Festival which we enjoyed Immensely and this one today near Wheatley which we also enjoyed. We met Oz Reely and his lovely girlfriend Diane at La Rocca a place where D'Arcy and I go every Friday where D'Arcy does what he loves, playing music.  That's besides me of course. Ha! Ha!. How is that for a little humour?

 Oz Reely asked D'Arcy to join him at the 2 Creeks Music Festival near Wheatly as the opening act.

They sang a medley of songs.  My Girl, Brown Eyed Girl, You Are the Sunshine of My Life, Unchained Melody, Teach Your Children, Eight Days a Week.

Oz sang some songs for his two daughters Angela and Melody all that in half an hour. They did a marvellous job.

After such a wonderful day we left to go and relax and meet Oz's family at their place we had some drinks and some delicious treats while we relaxed and talked. Then we called it a day and we all went home after after such a great day. 

We all had a great day we are hoping to return next year.

D'Arcy and Oz at 2 Creeks Festival

More pictures.