My name is Carol L. Carol. I used to live in Montreal with my family. Then I lived in Toronto with D'Arcy's family. We used to foster for the Foster Parents Plan since 1987.

I used to take care of FIP and FIV cats for Toronto Cat Rescue. These are some of the stories on how we got these cats. I had the opportunity to take care of a diabetic cat and learned a lot about feline diabetes. Here is a page about some of the dear departed friends that have passed away. Here is a little cartoon for cat lovers.

I was the convener for the Mites division (7 year olds) of the North York Cosmos Soccer League . In 2005 I was the convener for the Mini division boys (6 year olds) and Tyke girls (5 year olds.) This year I am the convenor for Mini girls and boys (5 year olds.)

As a member of OCC (Ontario Confederation of Clubs) along with my husband D'Arcy you can find me almost every weekend in the summer on the back of our 1986 Honda Gold Wing Aspencade. I leave the driving to D'Arcy. We go to some Charity events and other biking events. There are some Motorcycle shows and Motorcycle Awareness month is in May.

We also have our own BRO Santa Claus. We meet many very nice people.

I like to take pictures of my husband's bands like The Cain Gang. You can see those pictures at here. I also take pictures of various music Jams and events around Toronto. See the Music link under the pictures tab on the left.

Our friend Robert Olver Also cares for cats. He also makes interesting furniture from reeds and twigs.

I am a member of the World Wildlife Fund Canada.

I also like to cook. Here are a bunch of recipes that I have got from the net and other places. They are many vegetarian, chicken and fish recipes. Feel free to send me more if you would like me to add them to the list.

We sold our house in Toronto in 2017 and became snowbirds. Now we travel south every winter in out Landmark Grand Canyon fifth wheel RV.