2017.08.23 Changing Our Lifestyle a Bit

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After doing some thinking we are planing on emptying and selling our house. With the help of Juanita Pringle our friend and real estate agent who sold us our house way back on December 14,1990. D'Arcy has put our truck and trailer as a package deal since the hitch is in the truck that pulls the 30ft. trailer.

We did travel and enjoy ourselves in Newfoundland in the year 2012 and some little trips to Montreal,Ottawa and Severn Falls just to name a few.

We are selling our trailer because some camp sites have refused our trailer because it is too old even though we put a new roof, axles, electical panel and stabilizer jacks,but it is the year of the trailer that counts. The reason behind this is the campgrounds are scared we are going to leave the trailer there when we go.

So with my parents generosity we can go and buy another trailer and a much stronger truck. Mom and Dad you will always travel with us.

We answered an ad for a Heartland 38 Landmark luxurious Grand Canyon on Kijiji. Only thing is it was in Cumberland near Ottawa. We headed out to Cumberland stayed at Recreation land, the place where the Landmark is.

We arrived then went to our friends Reif's jam at The Newfoundland Pub where D'Arcy played guitar and bass guitar and harp not all at once of course and I took pictures.

The next day we visited the new trailer. It has three slideouts. It was perfect and we decided to purchase it. We slept there that night. The first item that we hung in our new home was Mom's plaque.

The next day we met some of our new neighbours. Everyone was very nice and seemed eager to help us settle in. Michele and Andre who sold us the unit were especially nice and helpful to us.

We plan to move into this unit before the end of the season and travel down south in it.

Our Landmark Grand Canyon

More pictures.