2019.06.24 D'Arcy and Alain Play Music

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Yesterday, as we were sitting down to supper just outside our RV the phone rang. It was Alain. Alain kindly invited us to his site on the island to play music.

Even though we like to walk all over the park we didn't this time because we had guitars and amps to carry so we took the truck. When we arrived I was handed the family pet to hold which I did not mind at all. I was holding the dog while taking pictures.

D'Arcy and Alain had an audience. His next door neighbors were sitting outside listening and some were even taking pictures. D'Arcy gave a CD to Alain of our tour of Newfoundland.

Well, all good thing have to come to an end, so D'Arcy packed up the truck. In the meantime his wife Mimi came home so we had a short visit with her

D'Arcy and Alain

More pictures.