2023.09.07 Buying Vybe Networks Back

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D'Arcy and  I are happy to announce  that we have bought Vybe Networks Inc.  At this point we are considering taking on a very experienced partner with a great track record that brings many new features to Vybe.  We will keep you posted.

Also, we are open to any suggestions for improving the operation.  We already have a pretty big list but we can always add to it even if we don't get to it right away.

For those not familiar, here are some of the features of Vybe.

Our basic package is email hosting with either a Vex.Net address or else under your own virtual domain address.  We handle your virtual domain managing addresses, host aliases, etc.  You don't even have to buy the domain from us but we are very careful and, as long as your account is up to date, we make sure that it is always active.

We also do web hosting.  Most clients have a web site as well as email with us.  We serve the pages and help with managing it.  For a fee we will even create a dynamic site for you.

We also have a phone switch and offer VoIP (Voice over IP) lines. We have a virtual PBX package which works very well if you
have remote workers.  We also have a telephone answering service package that allows you to handle multiple phone numbers.

We offer a task management system hosted on our own server.  We take care of the database including backing it up.

We offer competitively priced ADSL with static IP for a slight extra charge.  We offer 24/7 support for our ADSL package.

An accounting system hosted on our server.  You get access to your own daily database dump for your own security but we also back it up to a separate server.

We can even set you up with your own ISP using the same software we do to manage users.  You can manage email and web hosting  your own friends and family if you want.  You can also have your own boutique ISP service.

We also do custom programming specializing in incorporating your specialty service into our billing and accounting system.

D'Arcy signing the purchase contract with Joseph Bryne