2021.09.04 D'Arcy Turns Seventy-One

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We had a nice little gathering out in front of our RV in our campsite in McGregor. We invited some friends we met while we were in Wildwood Golf and RV campground.

Of course there was live music from the birthday boy himself. Then we both had a delicious supper at the 19th Hole restaurant.

The following day we had a Zoom birthday party hosted by D'Arcy's sister Monica Cain. We were joined by family and friends.

Our Friend Elizabeth and her dog Lola dropped by for a piece of birthday cake. Then we saw both Monica's sons Chris's dogs.  The Chihuahua is Lola and the Westie is Marley they took good care of Monica.

Glen James played a song called "Saxophone Blues" on his keyboard.  D'Arcy  played "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" his mouth organ for us.  That was a treat. Thanks guys.

We also heard from people that could not make it, and D'Arcy got a letter from Indie the little girl that he played Santa for when we were in the Dominican.  It was addressed to Santa Claus.

Then we ordered a Pizza from the 19th Hole.

That ended a great day.

D'Arcy, Audrey, Ted, Cathy, Gary, Cathy and Ron

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