2022.10.01 Melissa and Evan Get Hitched

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We left our campsite at Wildwood Golf and RV Resort with our RV to celebrate a special occasion.  My niece Melissa is marrying her sweetheart Evan at Cadsbrook Farms in Westmeath, Ontario.

We brought our RV to Pine Ridge Park for a few days.  Seeing how it travels with all the new stuff we put into our RV. We had a wonderful trip.  We went to the Holiday Inn in Pembroke where a shuttle bus picked us up to bring us all to the wedding.  We left our Ram 3500 there under the protection of a sea gull who took up residence on the roof.

We had champagne when we arrived and then we watched Melissa and Evan take their vows which was beautiful to watch.

Then let the party begin.  There was a special signature drink called Jett Fuel named after my little nephew Jett.

I was so glad to see my two brothers Robert and Alan and my nieces Crystal, Amanda,and Melissa and now her new husband Evan.  I saw people I have not seen in a long time.  Of course we made new friends.  Lets say D'Arcy and I enjoyed ourselves.

Had an enjoyable supper and then we danced. D'Arcy even got up and sang a song which everyone liked.  The song was "I Saw Her Standing There".  He did it a cappella.

Then we waited for the shuttle to bring us and a lot of other people back to the hotel which we were picked up at.

So we had a very good time. I hope the bride and groom had a good time also.

Have yourself a good life together Mr. and Mrs Evan Cory.

D'Arcy, Evan, Melissa and Carol