2017.09.09 Cumberland Heritage Museum

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We headed out to the Beckett Bird Sanctuary but when we got there it was an educational place for groups. We stayed to talk to a group of teenagers about Vegan vs Vegetarians. D'Arcy got into the conversation then we left because they were just starting a class.

We decided to take another way to the camp grounds but landed at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum. We went into several places like an old fire station and a little boy started a conversation with me he asked me to guess what grade he was in. I said second grade but I was wrong. He said lower - first grade. Then he said his name was Owen. I said I have a nephew named Owen who is not in school.

We parted from Owen and went to see old print shop where they had old printers. It reminded D'Arcy of the old Gestetner printer his father Joe Cain had so D'Arcy got in a conversation with the lady about printers. While we were there we went into the back room where there were old radios and electronics. I saw a Switchboard which I was trained on.

Then we went to a lot of old houses and one had a piano that you play with your feet and it plays by itself. D'Arcy played it. We have some music roll we will donate to the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum.

There was an old gas station for Imperial Gas. In one house there was an old stove in the kitchen and D'Arcy said that he must be old because he remembered his mother cooking on one. Alissa gave us some fresh vegetables from the garden.

Then it was time to go. When we got home and I was putting the pictures on the computer a bird flew and hit the window and got winded. We thought it was dead so D'Arcy said to get some paper. Then the bird flew away. D'Arcy said it was just stunned and wondered if it saw tiny humans dancing around its head.

This story had a good ending for the bird and for us too!

Carol making a call

More pictures.