2017.07.26 Why Carol Takes Pictures

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I have been taking pictures and enjoying it for a long time. I just introduced my journals in 2012. I have gone though many cameras in the mean time. I started with Digital now I have a Canon ESO Rebel T5 I like it better for stability because I have Cerebral Palsy and balance is an issue but that has not stopped me, not even healing from a broken femur and walking with a cane and a Cain. D'Arcy helps me sometimes. I guess you can call me stubborn. I guess I am getting better at it since people are thanking me for the pictures.

Pictures are good memories. I take pictures of family and friend events and special celebrations such as christenings, weddings, deaths, D'Arcy playing music and pictures of all of our family and friends. D'Arcy and I go with our thirty foot travel trailer and then I write about that too. I may not be good at all these things but I try. I write a recap at the end of the year.

I also take pictures at jams that I go to with D'Arcy my incredible husband, but I go to so many that I can not write about every one of them. These pictures are found if you click Pictures than Jams and I try to put them all in in alphabetical order.

One of the few pictures of the photographer