2017.03.26 Frank Cosentino's Birthday

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A good friend of ours, Jim Etchells and his lovely wife Lillian, invited D'Arcy and I to a great birthday celebration for Frank Cosentino, so we drove off to The Markland Restaurant and Pub in Etobicoke to see some great musicians entertain a packed house.

D'Arcy and I saw a person we have not see for a long time. It was so great seeing you again Lisa.

The musicians played like they really enjoyed playing for us. You can always tell when a musician is having a great time, just have to look at their faces.

Frank, you know how to throw a great party. Everyone had a great time. The place was packed.

Yes, there was a birthday cake. The cake was delicious.

Happy birthday Frank. Thanks for your autograph.

Happy Birthday Frank Cosentino - 2017

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