2017.06.25 Mike Nagoda at The Linsmore

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Mike Nagoda and the Spectrum Blues Band have returned to Linsmore for the third time and were welcomed. This is part of the Molson Canadian Blues Sunday! The gig fell on the same day as the Pride parade.

Just a bit of trivia for you, do you know that the name of the Bar Linsmore and the name of the street Linnsmore are spelled differently. Mike played double slide guitar and vocals, Peter played guitar, D'Arcy played bass and Jeremy played drums. They all played very well, and had fun doing it.

They played two sets and the audience loved every minute of it. In fact as each person left they struck up a conversation with a person in the band and shook their hand, some even bought a CD and wanted them autographed by Mike.

The main thing is the Band had a very good time playing for their audience. It was so nice of Linsmore to build a real stage for the Bands.

Mike Nagoda and the Spectrum Blues Band - June 25, 2017

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