2017.05.19 Our Honeymoon in New York

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Just after we celebrated our forty-fifth wedding anniversary, D'Arcy discovered a box of slides from our honeymoon. We had them converted to digital and put them online.

After we said our I Do's in Montreal we flew to New York. We stayed at a Holiday Inn in New Jersey just on the other side of the Holland Tunnel. For a honeymoon suite the bed was the size of a football field. But we somehow managed to find each other on it.

Of course we did touristy stuff like going all the way up the Empire State Building got pictures of the Statue of Liberty. Everything was great with the world because D'Arcy was now my husband for better or for worse.

I did a great thing when I married D'Arcy. We always have each others backs. I LOVE YOU D'Arcy Cain.

Carol in the honeymoon suite

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