2017.03.18 BBF Saint Patrick's Day

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Well guess what? It's Saint Patrick Day and LeRoy St Germaine has picked out the perfect tie for the occasion. Thanks for hosting this great party.

There were a few faces we haven't seen for a long time. Saxy Sady playing her Sax and singing, Scar-Bro Pete singing and playing his classial guitar, Mojo Scott playing his Harps, Cathy singing, D'Arcy playing his Bass and his guitar, not at the same time of course, and Rockin' Robbie on drums. Someone played D'Arcy's Bass and last but not least George played his guitar.

Of course there was also a great audience to do all this great applause. Everyone had a really good time. Thanks again to our host LeRoy for this great evening.

On to the next party.

Is that a tie or a bib?

More pictures.