2017.06.21 Visiting our Trailer and Monica

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Today was the day we picked to redorate our RV. We drove to Renewable Storage in Pickering where we found our RV. To make more room in our RV we took out this cozy pink rocking chair in the living room. D'Arcy slipped it out though the back door and replaced it with a bookcase under the window so we can use it to store stuff. Them D'Arcy put the wheels on the portable generator,then chained it on our RV.

The pink cozy rocking chair was delivered to Monica's for her yard sale. Then we went up to see Monica at Lakeridge Health. Monica's surgery went very well. Keep up the good work Monica! We hope it does not come back. Everyone who visited her brought her a "Timmy's" coffee. There was no Tim Horton in the hospital.

Funny thing is Monica had forgotten we agreed to put the pink rocking chair in her carport. Her neighbour texted her saying that some strange truck was in her driveway. Monica was confused until I mentioned that we just dropped off the chair. She texted her neighbors saying that it was her brother's truck in the driveway.

Monica will be recuperating in Oshawa at her brother Ken and his wife Mary house.

We hope to see you at your yard sale at your house. Happy recuperating.

Wide open space in our trailer

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