2017.03.04 Mike Nagoda at Peppery Cat

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This was the first gig for Mike Nagoda and The Spectrum Blues Band at Peppery Cat and it went extraordinarily well. The place was packed and there was a lot of applause.

Peter played guitar, Mike played double slide guitar and vocals, D'Arcy played bass and Jeremy played drums. Everyone had their hand on the sound board.

Jim and his lovely wife Lillian, Alex, Serge and other familiar faces showed up to hear them play.

Mike Nagoda and The Spectrum Blues Band did three sets. There was a call for an encore which they did. The crowd called out for even more but it was time to pack up and head home. Besides, you should always leave the stage with the crowd wanting more.

Congratulations guys.

Mike Nagoda at the Peppery Cat, Mar 4 2017

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