2017.04.30 Two Fours play Reunion

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Wally, a founding member of The Two Fours, asked D'Arcy to join them on stage to entertain after dinner at the 50th anniversary reunion of the 1966-67 graduating class of York University's Glendon College. The band played in the Dining Hall at Glendon's beautiful campus at Bayview Ave. & Lawrence E. in Toronto.

From left to right Karen and Susan sing, Corey and Wally play guitar and sing, Sean on drums, Larry on percussion, and D'Arcy playing bass. And Carol on camera.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris, Wally's wife, and Melissa, Larry's wife. I heard a beautiful heart warming story from Chris Wally's wife, saying that they too attended Glendon College, graduating some years after the group celebrating the reunion on Saturday, April 29. In fact, Chris and Wally met in class there, and often dined together in the same room that the Two Fours played. For the guests, It must have been fascinating to meet their classmates after fifty years.

It was a great evening.

D'Arcy Stepping Out

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