2017.04.28 Last Jam at the Peppery Cat

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D'Arcy and I went down to the Peppery Cat to enjoy an evening of great music with Mike Sedgewick and friends. Larry and his staff were always nice to me and D'Arcy when we were there.

This was Mike's last jam at the Peppery Cat as they are closing their doors in a day or two. Everyone showed up to give a great venue a great send-off.

At the end of a perfect evening D'Arcy sang a song to Peppery Cat based on the Dave Clark Five song "I Like It Like That." We took a picture of Larry and his wonderful staff.

Larry will not disappear. He will be helping his brother just across the street at the Salty Dog.

Saying goodbye to the Peppery Cat April 2017

More pictures.