2017.07.27 Mike Nagoda at Glad Day

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D'Arcy and I met Jeremy and Mike at their first gig at the Glad Day Bookshop. Mike Nagoda And The Spectrum Blues Band did a terrific job.

Mike played double slide guitar and vocals, D'Arcy played bass and Jeremy played drums. They did one set.

The audience applauded and since the front window was open to the street the people passing by would stop and listen as they walked by, some would even come in and that made the owners very happy. The people way at the back of the shop heard the music and as they were leaving said to the band how they enjoyed the music.

A nice big black Lab got tied of waiting outside so he crawled under the tarp and listened to the music. Then went out again. That Lab got lot of attention from people just passing by they petted him until his owners were ready to leave Glad Day Bookshop.

When all was finished and they were loading up we saw Stephanie and Levy as they were coming to see the band. Sorry you guys missed a terrific gig. Maybe next time.

Mike Nagoda And The Spectrum Blues Band you should be so proud of yourselves. Your gig was great.

The Spectrum Blues Band

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