2017.06.09 BSDCan in Ottawa Ontario

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Our first trip in our RV this summer starts out by going to get our summer home right where we left it at Renewable Storage. Then off to Poplar Grove Camp/RV Park near Ottawa.

When we arrived at Popular Grove we walked into the trailer and there was water on the floor. D'Arcy found out it was the toilet leaking. D'Arcy phoned Ottawa Camping Trailers and they had the parts that broke. We got into our truck and off we want to pick up the parts.

I'm sure it is the first time someone goes into the store carrying a toilet, but D'Arcy wanted to know what parts go where.

Now I say that D'Arcy has a degree in plumbing. I was the first to try the toilet. In fact I had my camera to take pictures. Then on to better things.

We met people at The Red Lion for supper and drinks. Then off to the University of Ottawa in the Desmarais building to hear speakers.

D'Arcy was one of the speakers this year sharing his knowledge of computers in this year's the 14th annual BSDCan on June 9 and 10th. D'Arcy spoke on the 9th. D'Arcy's presentation went great. The audience loved it and asked questions after.

We met and had dinner with so many nice people like every time we are down here. I even got to see and take a picture of the Mascot Groff.

All great things most come to an end so we say goodbye to our friends until we meet again. When we got home that night I put the pictures on of the after party, I could not find them the next morning. Never fear D'Arcy was on the case of the missing pictures and found them so the pictures of day ten were found.

The day after we picked up Bill and brought him to a jam at "Rainbow Grill" where D'Arcy preformed his other talents which are music and singing, D'Arcy played his guitar and sang a few songs. We ran into Reif and Reif invited us down to his jam on Tuesday at "The Newfoundland Pub."

Another incident with peoples eyes glued to the window was this little black car trying to park and hitting the gray van behind him not only once nor twice but five times. It was owned by one of the jammers who ran down to see what was going on.

After it was time for supper so D'Arcy,Bill and I and headed to "Heart and Crown" in the Byward Market where Bill ordered "Poutine" for the first time because Bill is from Salt Lake City.

We all ordered, then the D'Arcy and Bill ran across the street where a 72 year old lady fell off her wheelchair and made a dive towards the street and she hit her head on the street. She was lying facing the curb. D'Arcy controlled the traffic while Bill knelt beside the lady, the ambulance came and off she went to the hospital. Left her wheelchair so the Para Transpo picked her wheelchair up from in front of the restaurant.

We will meet again next year.

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