2017.04.10 Mom's Funeral

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D'Arcy and I headed out to Montreal on Sunday April 9th to join my brothers and sister to bury my sweet lovable Mom. We stayed with my brother Alan along with my sister Norma and her husband Peter.

The day arrived the weather was warm with a downpour of tears. Mom was cremated and buried at Mount Royal Cemetery in the Cote plot. Both Alan and his daughter Crystal said a few words at the service.

At the end of the burial when Alan lowered the urn into the ground. We all threw some dirt into the grave. Crystal left her speech in the grave.

Then it was closed and Norma knelt down in the dirt in front of the closed hole to say her final farewells and I desired to do the same. I tried bending my knees with the help of Crystal and her boyfriend Gabriel, but I couldn't do it. D'Arcy and my brother Robert stopped me when they saw me trying. They were afraid I would hurt myself.

The next day we left Alan's with Norma and Peter in the truck heading for the airport where we said our farewells again and off they went. We phoned Monica on the way home and joined her at Boston Pizza for supper. Then home.

Goodbye Mom we will miss you. You are reunited with Dad and our brother Norman.

Cecile (Cote) Corbett 1928 - 2017 RIP

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