2017.06.11 Visiting Family In Ottawa

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We had a lovely supper with my brother Robert and his lovely wife Laura and their dog Ella. We talked and then my brother's daughter Taylor Rae came over with her friend Matt to swim in Robert's and Laura's pool in their back yard. Then it was picture time. D'Arcy put the camera on the table and took a picture. It is always nice to see family.

We went to visit a new campsite we may try next year it is called Camp Hither Hills.

On the way to the Reif's jam at The Newfoundland Pub on Montreal Street we stopped at the Marble Slab Creamy on Bank Street. I enjoyed a Rocky Road Ice Cream in a cup. D'Arcy had an Amaretto Ice Cream in a cup. Then off to hear some fantastic music.

We had a terrific time in Ottawa. Hoping to do the same next year. The best part of all of this is sharing it with the one you love and it's always been D'Arcy.

Bye for now. See you next year.

Robert's family

More pictures.