Vegetarian Taco Filling


We use the following for the filling base:
     1 med onion, chopped
     3 cloves of garlic, minced
     1 cup TVP, sprinkled with soy sauce then reconstituted w/boiling water
     1/2 tsp chili powder
     1/4 tsp black pepper
     1/8 tsp red pepper

saute the onion until transparent, then add the garlic.  Saute briefly,
then add the TVP and the spices.  Saute until dry.
To make the tacos, we usually add some or all of the following to the filling 
base, assembling individual tacos at the table.  Makes a terrific meal to serve
to guests with a salad and some refried beans, or rice, or grains, or any 
     chopped tomatoes
     chopped green onions
     any salsa (tomatillo salsa is terrific)
     shredded lettuce or other greens
     shredded cheese (either dairy or soy)
     fried garbonzos
     chopped onions (esp. vidalia, when in season)
     bacon bits (Baco Bits are soy, as are Fakin' Bacon)

     almost anything else you can find than can be chopped or shredded!


     Alan and Ann Woods