Vegan Tofu Tacos

From: (Steven Doll)

Taco shells
A block of fresh tofu
Onions, spring onions or scallions
Spaghetti sauce or a couple of tomatoes
Garlic, white or black pepper, tamari, cumin, basil, oregano,
chili peppers, more garlic...

I cut the tofu into small blocks and stir-fried it in peanut
oil and minced garlic for about 4 minutes.

Then I added the onion, chopped small.

After the onions became tender, I added the mushrooms (and also
some broccoli) that were cut up fine.

Then I dropped in some spaghetti sauce and let it stew for a
minute.  I cooked the shells with a little oil in an iron
skillet, 30 sec per side.

Voila!  Vegan Tacos.