Miso Gravy

OPTIONAL: Heat a little (2 to 3 TBS) olive oil in skillet. (You could use 
a small amount of water instead.)

Add some chopped onion and mushrooms. When they start to stick or burn,
add a small amount of water instead of more oil. Sprinkle whole wheat
flour (about 1 TBS) into this mess and stir, adding more water (gradually)
and more flour (also gradually) until you have a gloppy, gravy-like
substance. Add 1 to 2 tsp dark brown barley miso and stir thoroughly. (If
you have more foresigt than I do, you *could* always dissolve the miso in
hot water before starting the gravy, and use the miso broth where I have
indicated water, above.)

VARIATION: Add 1 TBS sesame tahini to produce a richer gravy that is 
lighter in color.