Hot Salsa

3 red ripe tomatoes
1 smallish can of tomato paste
2 - 4 Habanero chiles (leave out if you like it milder)
6 Jalapeno chiles (fewer if you like)
3 cayenne peppers ( "  ")
3 Fresno chiles   ("  ")
4 fresh green onions
4 cloves garlic
1/2 large cucumber
a few sprigs of cilantro
1 tsp cummin (maybe a bit more depending on taste)
1 tsp oregano ( "   " )

If you use really hot (picante) chiles then care must be taken in
introducing them to the blender. I first put 1 tomato in the blender
with the tomato paste to buffer the habanero peppers. I caused an
emergency evacuation of the kitchen (with coughing people) by first
putting in the peppers and hitting the blend button - oops. After
getting the hot peppers tamed down put in the rest of ingredients
and chop (at least on my blender that is a nice slow button so as
not to end up with just chile paste - a little chunkiness is nice.
I guess you could saute the onions and garlic beforehand to tame
down their potential for monster breath, but I like to eat lots
of this stuff and am probably not inviting company regardless. Also
I rather like the fresh tangy taste of raw garlics and onions anyway.
Not recommended before social engagements.