Grilled Tofu

From: (Carol Miller-Tutzauer)

Bamboo skewers
Marinade (Teriyaki is good, or use sauce above with 4 T oil added)

Cut tofu into slabs approximately 1" thick (other dimensions will
depend on the dimensions of your tofu chunk).  Marinate at room
temperature for at least 1 hour before grilling (or refrigerate
and marinate longer).  When coals on your grill are hot, you are
ready to grill the tofu.  Be sure you have sprayed the grill
surface piece with Pam or other anti-stick substance.  Take the
tofu slabs and insert two bamboo skewers into their length (like
popsicle sticks).  When grill surface is quite hot, place tofu
on grill.  Leave until grill marks are left in surface.  Then
turn and do the other side.  You can baste with some of the
marinade if you like.  You can also add some wood pieces and
smoke with the lid down if you like.