Chicken Wings (Buffalo Wings)

From: njs@scifi.UUCP (Nicholas J. Simicich)

A long time ago, there were calls for "buffalo wing" recipes in this
newsgroup.  I read them, but I didn't like any of them.  Chicken has
enough fat in it, especially wings, which are mostly skin, and
therefore high in fat.  To deep fry wings and then add margarine to
the mix just seemed bogus (although tasty, no doubt).  Using the
posted recipes as a base, we developed a "no added fat" version.

Normally, the margarine is used to cause the sauce to adhere to the
wings.  It is possible to use a technique that will make the sauce
adhere without adding fat.  Another goal was to make a wing that
tasted good in its own right without the added fat.  We think that the
below recipe is successful, and provides a handy way of using up that
bottle of hot sauce that has been in the cupboard for a year.  Indeed,
we find ourselves buying a lot of hot sauce these days.

1.  We usually buy FROZEN WINGS in the five pound bags, and keep them
frozen until we are ready to use them.  We just throw the frozen
wings right into the broiler, and BROIL THEM UNTIL they are CRISPY
outside.  Quantity below is for about 20 wings.  Let the rendered
fat drain away.

2.  Sauce is made with the following:

Rickey's hot sauce seems to be good, and claims to be lower salt
than other hot sauces.  Other brands we like are Crystal and
Durkee's.  We never use Tabasco brand for this purpose, as we feel
that it gives an off flavor.  Use 1/2 CUP OF HOT SAUCE, or more or
less.  1/2 cup is flavorful without being a test of manhood.

2-4 TBS WHITE VINEGAR (start with 2, and increase to taste)
4 TBS THICK DARK HONEY (Lighter honey is OK if you don't want to
taste the honey, but we like the flavor of the darker honey)
1 TBS DRY MUSTARD, such as Coleman's.

3.  HEAT the sauce in a heavy saucepan.  Cast iron is a good choice.
You want the sauce to thicken and reduce.  When the wings are
crispy (turn them once or twice) PUT THE WINGS INTO THE SAUCE.

4.  Over MEDIUM HEAT, reduce the sauce until it thickens and coats the
wings.  Stir frequently, and avoid burning the sauce.  It doesn't
have to thicken much, but cooking it in for five minutes or so
allows the flavors to blend.

Serve with lite blue cheese dressing and celery sticks, traditionally.
Marie's Lite or Featherweight dressing are good (depending on where
on the scale of calories/fat you want to be).

Need a further fat reduction?  Start with skinless chicken breasts or
thighs, cut into strips, and then follow the above recipe.