2021.02.04 Returning to Canada

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Well all good things must come to an end. After being spoiled in this tropical paradise in El Magnifico, Cabarete which we enjoyed immensely, with such nice and helpful people, we have to make plans to leave before our scheduled date in May. Yes, there was a curfew but what a wonderful place to be in the Dominican Republic.

D'Arcy went to get his Medical Records from the hospital Centro M├ędico Cabarete in Sosua because he was told it took three days to get so he can get advice from Dr.Coates our family Doctor.

D'Arcy and I spent the better part of a day trying to get a flight back which was difficult with all the changes our government has been making. We finally got a flight on American Airlines with two layovers. The trip took over 21 hours. We had to get a Covid 19 test and we passed.

We flew out of here to Miami, Miami to Charlotte and from there to Toronto. In Charlotte we did some rock and roll before getting on the plane. We were not allowed to leave the airports.

There was a repatriation flight to Toronto with Transat for Canadians but we could not use that because we did not already have a ticket for a different date with Transat.

Good thing we arrived early at the airport because there was some extra forms to fill in that were not on the Canadian website.

Thanks to Monica, D'Arcy's sister, we had a place in her building in Pickering so we can quarantine for 14 days when we get back and spend the rest of the time until we can go back to our trailer. Monica also agreed to do our grocery shopping during the 14 day quarantine.

Thanks to Agnes, one of D'Arcy's other sisters, for using her points to bump us up to business class. At least the flights were comfortable.

The family that Santa visited on Christmas Eve came to see us at El Magnifico in Cabarete the day before we left. They all came in and Santa played a few songs for them on the Guitar and the audience loved it. Then off to the pool while Santa did his 15 laps then we all went out to dinner at Sunset Bar and Grill in Velero Beach Resort. Indie wanted to say good bye to Santa and Mrs. Claus before they headed out to the North Pole in Canada. Indie was surprised to find out how big Canada is.

We sure hope to see Patrick, Liz and Indie in the future.

Stay safe.

Carol rolls through the Charlotte airport

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