1998.07.28 Goodbye to Dominique

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Dominique: 1994(?) - 1998
Dominique: 1994(?) - 1998

Dominique was a lovely black and white female with beautiful green eyes who passed away on July 28, 1998. We knew for a long time that she would have to be put to sleep because she had Corona Virus, but it's always hard when the day comes. We nicknamed her "Babies" for she was very small. Everyone that Dominique would come in contact with loved her.

Of all the baskets we had she picked a big dog basket and this basket was hers alone. She would curl up in a corner of it to sleep. Often she would sleep on the television converter after turning it on. We don't know if turning on the converter was an accident but she never accidentally turned it off so we always assumed that she did it on purpose. Dominique had a cute way of eating her dry food, she would take one morsel at a time with her paw. She always woke us up with her distinctive meow to eat.

We will miss you Dominique.