1999.02.08 Goodbye to Kokomo

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Kokomo: 1995 (?) to 1999
Kokomo: 1995 (?) to 1999

Kokomo, was a handsome black male with beautiful yellow eyes, who passed away on February 8, 1999. It came as a great shock to D'Arcy and I that he went downhill in a matter of weeks with the FIP Virus. Kokomo was nicknamed "Kount Kokomo" for he had very pronounced fangs on each side of his mouth. Everyone that Kokomo let come close to him loved him.

Kokomo was a very scared cat when we got him from Toronto Cat Rescue. In fact as I was going to get the paper one morning, not knowing Kokomo was behind me, he ran out, He didn't know which way to run he seemed confused. We were so determined to get Kokomo back that we called his name over and over for days. Kokomo must have not gone very far because he eventually came back after a few weeks.

I guess we gained Kokomo's trust for every morning after that Kokomo would wake us up with a kiss then nudge D'Arcy's chin then if that didn't get us up he would come on my side and step on the clock radio button turning it on and if we still refused to get up, he would knock the radio on the floor. We often stayed in bed longer just to watch his shenanigans. After being fed he would go back to our bed, contented and happy.

While Kokomo eventually accepted us, he continued to be afraid of people his whole life. It took a long time for anyone to gain his trust. He always got along with the other cats, however, and even tolerated the two dogs we had for a month.

Kokomo, you were one in a million. We will miss you.