2001.12.11 Goodbye to Tommy

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Tommy: 1993 (?) to 2001
Tommy: 1993 (?) to 2001

Tommy was a handsome black and white, long hair male with beautiful blue eyes, who passed away December 11, 2001. Tommy entered our lives on April 27, 2001. He was a stray cat with the FIV Virus. We found out Tommy was a diabetic on August 8, 2001. I was taught how to give insulin to Tommy and was giving him insulin twice a day with a special diet. Then on December 7, 2001 we found out he had the FIP Virus. It wasn't the FIV or the diabetes that took him away from us it was the FIP virus.

In the nine months we got to know Tommy he became part of the family. Tommy would come everytime he was called. He would even take his insulin without fighting it. He must have known the insulin helped his little body feel better. I would always talk to Tommy and give him some encouragement to keep on fighting while I would scratch his head. Tommy tried to join our other cats as much as he could. I knew all his special spots he would go just to rest or to just to get away from everything. Tommy we hope wherever you are you are out of pain.

Goodbye Tommy we will always miss you.