2002.04.09 Goodbye to Thunder

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Thunder: 1984 - 2002
Thunder: 1984 - 2002

Thunder, was a handsome black and white short hair male cat with beautiful green eyes, who passed away while we were on vacation, on April 9, 2002 of heart failture. Ferne, of the Toronto Cat Rescue brought him in the Danforth Clinic. Thunder entered our lives on January 19, 1999. He was abandoned in an apartment with his sister Lightning. Well, they both had a home here. Thunder was in and out of Danforth Veterinary Clinic.

On December 21, 1999 I discovered he was lying in the kitchen with a lump on his neck, by the time he ran to the front of the house the lump was getting bigger so I called Barbara and off we went to Danforth Clinic. Then again on January 5, 2000 for minor bleeding on that spot where they drained the abscess. Then on February 12, 200 I was getting ready to go out for supper with D'Arcy's family when he began to pant then he ran in the basement. I went after by the time I got there he was panting harder. I picked him up carefully and brought him upstars D'Arcy called Barbara and since Danforth Clinic was closed she called Morris who came to pick Thunder up in his van to bring him to Northview Pet Hospital where he was checked by Dr. Tunde. They kept him for one week. They operated on him to take out some teeth but it was touch and go for he had an enlarged heart. Thunder being the trooper he was came though the operation and was back home on February.

We nicknamed him the hugging cat because every time you would pick him up he would put his front paws around your neck. He would snuggle on everyone's lap. He was a lovable cat. Every night as soon as D'Arcy would come home from work Thunder would snuggle up to his shoulder. Then when we would go to bed he would share my pillow with me. I hope wherever he is someone is sharing a pillow with him. Thunder, you will be missed.