2002.05.31 Goodbye to Skunks

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Skunks: (?) to 2002
Skunks: (?) to 2002

Skunks, was a beautiful black and white, short hair cat, with gorgeous green eyes. She passed away May 31, 2002.

Skunks entered our lives on January 7, 2001 with FIV. She was diagnosed with Jaundice on February 8, 2002. On her checkup on February 22, 2002 I was told by Dr. Munn that the Jaundice was in her liver. The prognosis was to just keep her as comfortable as we can and by treating her with some drugs to help her as much as we could. Every morning I would cradle her in my arms and D'Arcy would administer the various pills and liquids. Then D'Arcy would kiss Skunks on her head. I think she got used to getting the kiss on her head.

Then on the morning of May 31, 2002 Skunks was nowhere to be found for her pills or breakfast. I tried calling her with no response. I fed the other cats then we had our breakfast. I saw D'Arcy off to work then I got the flashlight and went down to the basement where I found her lying on a box near the oil tank. I took her upstairs, wiped some stuff from her mouth and took her to the veterinarian.

Skunks was taken to the back room where the Veterinarians checked her out. I knew something was up when Dr. Munn called me into a room to talk to me about our next step. While we were talking D'Arcy called me on my cell telling me he was there for me. Dr. Munn said she didn't know how I kept Skunks alive so long with Jaundice. I believe that it was talking to the cat that helped.

I said my goodbyes to Skunks and she was then lovingly taken from her pain.

The next morning there was no Skunks in her little white bread basket. I remember telling D'Arcy that with all the sick cats we have I should be more used to losing them by now. He said that he expects and hopes that I will never get used to losing them.

With all the cats we have each one touches our hearts in a different way. Goodbye Skunks. We will always miss you.